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Toxic Torts


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Hermes Netburn Attorneys have the skill and experience that you need when you or your business are facing toxic tort claims.

Hermes Netburn regularly handles personal injury and property damage cases arising from a variety of toxic substances including asbestos, mold, lead paint and various chemicals. Our attorneys have decades of experience managing claims for a wide array of clients, including:

  • general contractors and subcontractors
  • insulation and refractory contractors
  • manufacturers of machinery, distilling plants, pumps, valves, and other process equipment
  • companies that sold or made friction products, including brakes and clutches
  • roofing, floor tile and other construction product providers
  • manufacturers of boilers, wire and cable and scientific equipment
  • talc processors
  • and various distributors of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

We are accustomed to multi-party, multi-jurisdictional litigation and excel at complex case management, including the development of sophisticated medical and exposure defenses. We understand how to defend claims within the unique legislative and legal environment that has been created in the states where we practice. In addition, our experience working with these cases makes us uniquely well-suited to address the complicated insurance coverage issues which often occur with volume litigation.

We manage a large docket of asbestos cases in several states for a number of national and multi-national companies. We tailor our management of these cases to suit the needs and goals of our clients. We have the facilities to manage cases of any size, from the largest class action lawsuits to individual claims. Our firm has developed a team approach and has the appropriate resources to ensure efficient and consistent results. Our attorneys are ready, willing and able to try these cases, if our client wants to go to trial. Our experience, litigation and mediation skills as well as our team approach provide the right balance between defending the client vigorously and cost-effectively.