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Premises Liability


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Hermes Netburn will provide you with the representation you need when facing premises liability claims.

Premises liability disputes arise when an individual or entity is injured due to alleged negligence on behalf of a property owner. Under federal and state laws, property owners have obligations to keep their premises safe and secure for users. However, allegations or negligence are often extremely complex and require attorneys who can understand both pertinent regulations and the mechanics of personal injury. The Hermes Netburn premises liability team has experience strategically representing individuals, businesses and companies in premises liability disputes, including negligent security claims, property defect claims and claims involving toxic exposure to mold. We represent a variety of defendants in these cases, from commercial entities to private businesses.

Our premises liability practice is founded on the principal that each claim necessitates an exceptionally detailed investigation. We utilize a variety of internal and external resources to thoroughly research the premises, the plaintiffs and the alleged injury. Our firm’s extensive products liability and toxic tort practices have helped Hermes Netburn develop working relationships with experts in medical fields and create an efficient, economic system for receiving and reviewing large document productions and copious medical records. We aggressively approach these issues, locating weaknesses in claims and pushing for early dismissal or economically efficient settlements.

Our lawyers are committed to providing an exceptional legal defense for our clients while working to avoid costly litigation fees. We maintain loyal relationships with our clients so that when a legal dispute arises, we can act quickly and strategically.