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Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices


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The Hermes Netburn O’Connor & Spearing medical device and pharmaceutical litigation team has successfully represented manufacturers and sellers of various medical products for over 20 years in patented, complex product liability cases involving established and emerging medical technologies.

We strive to provide our clients the most cost-effective and comprehensive legal management of claims ranging from minor complications to catastrophic losses. Utilizing strategic and innovate approaches, we carefully analyze the potential for preemption in legal disputes, push for early dismissal and, if necessary, aggressively defend our client’s interests in litigation. We routinely manage legal claims involving a variety of industry products including:

  • Medical devices
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • Robotic-Assisted Surgical Technologies

Our medical device and pharmaceutical litigation attorneys are also well-regarded product liability attorneys who routinely defend national and regional counsel for major national and multi-national corporations. Our background in product liability means we have a strong understanding of technical reconstruction, chemistry, epidemiology, manufacturing, mechanical systems, medicine and various other fields. Our long-standing product liability practice means we have an extensive knowledge of the experts operating in these fields and a strong structure for receiving and analyzing large document production in an efficient and cost-effective matter.

At that heart of both our product liability and medical device / pharmaceutical litigation practices is the conviction that our success depends on knowing our clients’ products better than anyone else involved in the case. Our lawyers are recognized leaders in their fields with a reputation for prompt, creative, and strategic approaches that are both business-oriented and science-based. Complicated issues of medical causation require an advanced understanding of cutting edge engineering, scientific and technological issues and our attorneys are committed to constantly adapting with the fast-paced medical device and pharmaceutical development field. Our attorneys are committed to developing a unique and creative strategy for each client founded on comprehensive understanding of the scientific and medical issues at play in any given matter.