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Hermes Netburn is prepared to offer you assistance with any contract-based issues you have, from drafting and advising on contract formation to litigating the breach of a contract.

Hermes Netburn attorneys are capable of providing all manner of contract law legal services, from drafting contracts to advising on contract compliance and litigating breach of contract claims. The attorneys at Hermes Netburn pride themselves on their ability to know everything about their clients’ business. This attention to detail and subject-matter expertise means we understand our clients contractual needs, and can draft their contracts to meet those precise requirements.

Contracts are an integral part of any business and it is important to know precisely what they require and what you are owed under them. Hermes Netburn attorneys will walk you through your contracts so that you will not face any surprise obligations or fail to know what you are due. In cases where someone has breached your contract, our attorneys can handle managing your claims against them, up to and including managing a settlement of the breach or litigating against the offending party. If our clients are facing claims of breach themselves, we will vigorously defend them. When litigation is necessary, our experience allows us to quickly evaluate your case and prepare a litigation plan that meets your goals. Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating breach of contract cases in both Federal and State courts, in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and other jurisdictions. We have experience with contracts of all sizes, from single purchase sales agreements, to multi-year insurance contracts. Our broad range of experience allows us to find the best result for our clients.