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The attorneys at Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing are well-prepared and experienced in the unique forum of appellate court, and are ready to use their experience to protect your interests at any level of appeal.

At Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P. C., our seasoned litigators handle all phases of appeals in both state and federal courts, from the lowest level to the Supreme Court of the United States. In cases presenting important issues, we often are asked to prepare and file amicus curiae briefs in the appellate courts on behalf of clients in a wide variety of industries such as insurance, construction and manufacturing.

Appellate practice is unique from other forms of litigation and requires a different set of skills and knowledge than needed at trial. We understand the intricate rules of procedure and requirements for appellate briefing and have the skill and experience to present persuasive oral arguments. We take a creative and detail-orientated approach with an acute focus of attention on the nuances of these cases. Clients rely upon our proven track record and strong legal writing skills when engaging us to craft well-written briefs and oral arguments for appellate panels.

We defend favorable verdicts and work to reverse unfavorable decisions. We work with our clients to target the issues that matter most and formulate a strategy concomitant with the significance and size of the issues involved. Our goal at all times is to protect our clients and their interests, in the manner that makes the most sense for the client.