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Employment Law Counseling


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Hermes Netburn attorneys are dedicated to providing their clients the assistance they need when employment law issues arise in their workplace.

Hermes Netburn attorneys seek to assist our clients with any manner of legal issue they may face, including employment-related issues. Employment issues arise in every business, and can cost significant time and energy to resolve. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge you need when facing employment-related issues such as:

  • evaluating employment policies for compliance with federal and state regulations;
  • defending employers against wrongful termination and discrimination claims;
  • advising employers on hiring and termination policies;
  • non-competition agreements;
  • confidentiality and intellectual property issues;
  • evaluating and litigating claims brought regarding employment law issues;
  • and many others.

 Our attorneys work closely with their clients, combining our expertise in the law with their detailed understanding of our clients’ business. This approach allows Hermes Netburn attorneys to address employment-related issues before they arise, reducing our clients’ legal risk and avoiding unnecessary litigation.

When an issue arises, Hermes Netburn attorneys will work quickly to identify, develop and execute a litigation plan to resolve the matter in the manner that makes the most sense for our clients. When disputes arise, you want your attorneys to have the litigation experience and understanding of your unique business that Hermes Netburn will.