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Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing attorneys have over 50 years of experience solving complex operational problems that arise in conjunction with the management of large construction projects.

General contractors, business owners, suppliers, and other parties involved in the development of large commercial, industrial and residential properties seek our well-known corporate counsel team for our experience managing and addressing issues. We understand that construction-related problems, including design and construction issues, security breaches, personnel disputes or even COVID-19 related delays, can have severe impacts for the economic outcomes of projects and, accordingly, our practice values responsiveness and efficiency.

Hermes Netburn corporate counsel attorneys work to develop trusting and communicative relationships with clients, many of whom have been loyal to our firm for many years. We operate with the understanding that the sooner clients call to discuss problems with potential legal implications, the easier we can help them avoid costly litigation. Decades of experience in dispute resolution and insurance analysis also means we know when to refer clients elsewhere if their current needs do not align with our team’s extensive experience. However, only rarely does our firm’s decades experience and track record of successful results leave us unprepared to strategically and aggressively defend our client’s legal interests.

Transparency, collaboration and loyalty underlie the work of the Hermes Netburn corporate counsel team. We strive to form long-standing relationships with each of our clients so that when a problem emerges, we can develop the most comprehensive legal strategy without delay. Our clients trust that we can understand and adapt to their emerging legal issues with a business oriented, strategic approach that spans across various regional courts.