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Conflict Resolution


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As experienced litigators, Hermes Netburn attorneys know that not all lawsuits need to go to trial and will seek to resolve your disputes as effectively as possible to best meet your needs.

Not all lawsuits should go to trial. Lawsuits are often long, expensive and can be incredibly disruptive to our clients. Many conflicts can and should be resolved instead through alternative means. It is often much more time and cost-effective to resolve these conflicts through a streamlined arbitration process, by mediating or negotiating settlements. Hermes Netburn attorneys understand this and will work diligently to resolve your dispute in the manner most advantageous to you.

Hermes Netburn attorneys have decades of experience in both litigation and in dispute resolution. We know when a conflict can be resolved out of court, and we have the experience and skill to resolve them in the most advantageous manner to our clients. Whether our clients need a skilled lawyer to negotiate a settlement or represent them in mediation, or they need representation at arbitration, Hermes Netburn can provide the services necessary to resolve any conflict.

In order to provide effective conflict resolution services, Hermes Netburn works very closely with our clients. We understand that we are seeking a resolution that works for our clients specific and individual needs. The best way to achieve this is close, friendly communication with our clients and a diligent, focused understanding of our client’s needs. We work tirelessly to find the best solution for our clients.