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Product Liability

Our lawyers have well over twenty years of experience defending products in claims for personal injury, property damage and economic loss.  We successfully defend designers, manufacturers, distributors and sellers of commercial and consumer products.  Our vast experience encompasses matters involving a broad range of items such as motor vehicles and their components; drugs and medical devices, farm, heavy, industrial and manufacturing equipment; consumer products such as appliances, furniture and toys; outdoor lawn and garden products; safety equipment, ladders and step stools, among many others.  Our work handling these many types of matters means that we have extensive knowledge and skill regarding fire cause and origin, accident reconstruction, biomechanics, epidemiology, pharmaceuticals, industrial hygiene, electrical systems, chemistry, mechanical systems, manufacturing processes, materials science, as well as about the experts who work in these fields.

At Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P.C. we take a hands-on approach to product liability cases.  Our lawyers learn both the science and practical uses of each product from top to bottom.  This work takes us to factories to see how products are constructed and accident scenes to see what happened.  We walk fire scenes with our cause and origin experts, participate in product inspections and disassemblies with engineers and supervise the testing of accident products and exemplars.  Our success is based on the premise that we should, and will, know our clients' products better than anyone else involved in the case, especially the opposing party’s expert witnesses.

The broad and extensive level of experience our attorneys bring to the defense of product liability cases allows us to serve our clients’ needs thoroughly, yet efficiently.  Already armed with a mastery of the law, the science or the medicine, our professionals do not need to spend client resources getting up to speed.  Our lawyers can attack a case immediately and work quickly to develop a strategy for bringing the case to an expeditious, desired conclusion.  Our lawyers have tried many cases in multiple jurisdictions, but we recognize that the best result may require early evaluation and resolution.  The added value of our experience in this field means that your case is safe in the hands of our people.  Clients come to Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P.C. for our reputation, they continue to come back for our results.