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Intellectual Property

Our attorneys handle a wide range of intellectual property matters including copyright, trade mark and trade secret issues.  We handle these types of business matters from prevention, with appropriate risk assessment and management, through trial and appeal.  Our litigation experience coupled with our ability to master scientific and technical issues as well as complex insurance law and insurance coverage problems make us uniquely well-qualified to address these types of business concerns.

As with all our matters, we partner with our clients to ensure that the resources we apply to each case match the risk and reward at issue.  From “bet the company cases” to small copyright infringement claims we take an aggressive approach to early evaluation and strategy development.  Our lawyers and their support staff can handle large document cases as well as cases involving multi-media and electronic storage.  We team with the appropriate experts to ensure that we have sufficient mastery of the technical or unique aspects of the intellectual property at issue.  Our hands-on approach from intake through appeal serves our clients, large and small, to safeguard their investments.