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Insurance Coverage


Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P.C. is one of the leading insurance coverage firms in the country.  Our clients include major domestic and international insurance companies and groups, third party claims administrators, reinsurers, agents and brokers and other stakeholders in the insurance and reinsurance industry.  Many of our client relationships in this area have lasted for decades.

We provide coverage opinions and prosecute and defend insurance coverage litigation regarding construction, environmental, hazardous waste, sexual abuse, latent injury, personal injury, general liability, products liability, advertising liability, directors and officers’ liability, professional liability, intellectual property, fidelity and other claims.  In claims handling and investigation matters, the firm represents insurance clients in connection with environmental, complex product liability, financial loss and other claims across the United States.  Our coverage lawyers frequently appear as speakers at educational conferences and seminars.

Our lawyers also represent insurers, reinsurers and retrocessionaires in a wide range of reinsurance litigation and arbitration.  Our reinsurance practice focuses on the litigation, trial and arbitration of complex reinsurance disputes arising out of long tail insurance claims such as asbestos, bodily injury and toxic tort claims, environmental claims and sexual abuse claims.  As with our other practice areas, our focus is client-first and result-oriented.  We identify key issues and craft a litigation/arbitration plan to address them in a cost-effective and timely way.

Our insurance and reinsurance clients receive the benefit not only of our broad and deep coverage experience and knowledge, but also of our expertise as trial lawyers.  While we focus on the need to identify and pursue the early and efficient resolution of cases through settlement or motion practice, our lawyers have an outstanding track record at trial.  That track record and reputation serves our clients well, at the negotiation table or in court.