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Construction Law

At Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P.C., we represent and advise developers, contractors and subcontractors in all phases of planning and constructing projects.  Our lawyers negotiate and draft construction-related contracts and see those contracts through to completion.  The firm provides corporate, real estate, business and legal services and, where necessary, represents its clients with respect to their construction-related disputes and litigation.  We are well versed in the applicable legal and trade standards and the means and methods of preparing, analyzing and critiquing claims, including the use of the critical path method of analysis.

Our attorneys have vast experience representing clients in various types of both private and public construction projects ranging from major office towers and complexes such as the John Hancock Building, 111 Huntington Avenue and the 3Com Corporate Campus, to major additions, renovations and modernizations like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Massachusetts General Hospital's Charles River Complex.  Our assignments include large, multi-unit residential complexes such as The Belvedere at The Prudential Center as well as projects for Massachusetts Housing Authorities and Public Works departments.  Our clients seek our counsel on public enterprises such as road and sewer construction, utility installation and HUD-funded or financed projects involving historic tax credits.

The firm has two basic goals in this area of practice.  The first is to avoid conflicts and disputes by proactive planning, contract drafting and negotiation.  The second is to resolve quickly the disputes and problems that inevitably do arise.  To this end, the firm takes aggressive and immediate steps to resolve disagreements, thereby minimizing or eliminating interference with our clients' business objectives.  We work to ensure that our clients are able to conduct their business operations without the costly delays and impedance brought on by litigation.  Where litigation cannot be avoided, our clients know that our lawyers are adept advocates who get efficient and effective results.