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Breach of Warranty

The lawyers at Hermes, Netburn, O’Connor & Spearing, P.C. handle cases and advise clients regarding alleged breaches of warranties for consumer products as well as commercial products and warranties given in condominium construction.  Our practice includes counseling automobile manufacturers in connection with a broad range of breach of warranty matters including alleged violations of “lemon laws”.  Recognizing which cases should be resolved quickly and efficiently and which cases warrant a defense is key to providing clients with value in this area of practice.

We bring a vast array of experience to the task of promptly analyzing cases to identify which matters should be brought to a close as quickly as possible.  Following this analysis, we provide our clients with the quick and efficient service they need to resolve matters swiftly.  Alternatively, we bring the experience necessary to prepare and try those cases which merit a full defense.  Our direct approach includes efficient communication, streamlined review of service records and other applicable documents and access to industry experts.